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Our ever-expanding inventory of art supplies continues to include such brands as Arches, Enkasticos, Jacquard, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, Strathmore, Grumbacher, Gemline, Gamblin, Golden, Sanford/Prismacolor, Canson, Multi Vendor, Speedball, Krylon, Princeton, Eco House, Verilux, M.Graham Paints, Cottman Watercolrs, Americana, Liquitex Basics, Liquitex heavey body acrylics, Aria and R&F, Dr. Ph. Martin's among other quality lines. We offer supplies for drawing, painting, sculpting, modeling, designing and standard size framing, for adults and children alike. Also check out our in-store selection of art instruction books, and let us know if there's anything you'd like to see added.

Following are some additional products we recently acquired in response to requests from local customers:

arches watercolor paper
Arches Watercolor Paper
Arches watercolor paper has been a favorite among artists for over 500 years, and it's easy to see why! Made from 100% cotton linters and both internally and externally gelatin sized, acid free Arches Aquarelle watercolor paper is one of the finest art papers in the world. You too can bring this historical, artist quality paper to your own works with these convenient, pre-stretched blocks! Watercolor paper blocks are glued on all four sides, eliminating the need to wet and stretch the paper before painting
arches cold press 300lb watercolor paper
Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper 22 x 30 inch
Arches watercolor paper is internal and surface sized which makes this paper take color beautifully even after scracthing and erasing. All cotton content and antifungal protection ensures lasting durability. The sheets are mouldmade and tub-sized using organic gelatin. They are 100% cotton and neutral pH with four deckle edges. Highly versatile for watercolors, Arches is also well-suited for work in mixed media, drawing, pastel and acrylic.
arches hot press waterclor paper
Arches Hot Press 140lb watercolor paper 22 x 30
Arches Hot Pressed 140lb Watercolor Sheets- The worlds best known fine art papers, Arches is mouldmade from 100% cotton linters. This gives them stability, strength and exceptional tactility. Arches papers are neutral pH which assures their archival quality. Since 1492, every sheet of paper at the Arches mill in Lorraine, France has been carefully manufactured by master craftsmen. Today, Arches assures you of the same superb qualities that have made their papers the most preferred choice of demanding artists for five centuries.

Ready Made Frames
Gemiline wood frames

Gemline Frame Company has been privately owned for over 40 years.
Our commitment to excellence has given Gemline a widely respected name inthe wall décor industry.
From our 100,000 square foot production, administrative
and warehousing facility located in the heart of the Southbay, California, we serve a diverse client base ranging from the local craft store to the national superstore, offering each client
a uniquely tailored solution to their frame and business needs.
We guarantee the quality of everything that Gemline produces. We are committed to excellence without exception – it is
our mission to bring our customers great value without compromising quality.


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