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Art Supplies

Our ever-expanding inventory of art supplies continues to include such brands as Jacquard, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, Strathmore, Grumbacher, Gamblin, Golden, Sanford/Prismacolor, Canson, Multi Vendor, Speedball, Krylon, Princeton, Eco House, Verilux, M.Graham Paints, Cottman Watercolrs, Americana, Liquitex Basics, Liquitex heavey body acrylics, Aria and R&F, Dr. Ph. Martin's among other quality lines. We offer supplies for drawing, painting, sculpting, modeling, designing and standard size framing, for adults and children alike. Also check out our in-store selection of art instruction books, and let us know if there's anything you'd like to see added.

Following are some additional products we recently acquired in response to requests from local customers:

Art supplies : VeriluxĂ Natural SpectrumĂ incandescent light bulbs offer the closest replication of natural sunlight available in an incandescent to show colors more accurately, increase contrast between black and white, and reduce glare, eyestrain and fatigue. Made of hand blown glass, these super long life bulbs contain neodymium, a unique earth element that filters out the excessive yellow part of the light spectrum to which our eyes are most sensitive.
art supplies krylon crafter's metallic colors
Krylon Crafter's Metallic Colors
Art supplies : Krylon Crafter's color provides a superior quality, high-gloss finish that is even safe to use on styrofoam and other plastic craft foams. The smooth gentle sheen enhances all types of surfaces, including dried or silk florals, wreaths, wicker, and so forth.
art supplies  r&f encaustic
Art supplies : Encaustic is composed of beeswax and resin. It is applied molten to a surface and fused to create a lustrous enamel effect. Its exquisite visual properties make it perhaps the most beautiful paint ever known. It is also the most durable of all artists paints, since wax is impervious to moisture and over time will retain all the freshness of a newly finished work.

art supplies  r&f pigment sticks
Art supplies : Enkaustikos manufactures professional encaustic paints including the popular, Hot Cakes Encaustic Wax Paint line.
art supplies uv- resistant clear coating krylon
Art supplies : Protects your valuable projects against harmful UV light rays. Protects against fading, is moisture resistant and smudge-proof. Can be used for photography, watercolor, fabric, pencil, charcoal, and more.
art supplies extra mild citrus thinner
Extra Mild Citrus Thinner is a medium-strength, general purpose thinner and mild solvent that is free of aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It is a combination of highly purified mineral oils as used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and natural essential oils. Use for thinning and clean-up of oil-based products, resins, gums, varnishes and waxes. It may also be used as a volatile medium with most conventional oil-based paint products including fine artist oil paints. Not suitable for dissolving hard resins, such as damar or copal.
art supply marquis desk easel set
The Marquis DESK EASEL Set
Art supplies : The Marquis easel is really a miniature desk that converts to a painting easel with one simple adjustment - and it folds back up just as easily. Its promise? To accommodate artistic expression in the smallest of spaces, at a moments notice, as soon as inspiration arises. The folding easel adjusts to four positions and accommodates a canvas up to 11" x 14".
art supply photo emulsion by diazo
Diazo PHOTO EMULSION by Speedball
This top quality art supply photo emulsion produces sharp, high quality images. Used for direct application to the screen, this 32 oz. jar of emulsion is light-reactive, water-soluble and spreads easily. This emulsion conforms to water safety standards (Calif. Proposition 65)
art supply screepn printing frame by speedball
These screen printing frames come with 12xx multi-filament screen fabric attached. Each frame features smooth wooden balusters that are metered, and securely fastened together. The fabric is cord-locked in grooves and can be easily tightened or removed

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