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vase kenya, africa, fairtrade made
Ceramic Elephant Cylinder Vases and Mini Ceramic Elephant Planters
A Litoyi Pottery original! These fairtrade made sassy cylinders wrapped with elated elephants to give your herbs happy homes

pots kenya, africa, fairtrade made
Rustic Handmade Ceramic Elephant Planter
A unique planter with instant appeal for safari animal enthusiasts. Handmade from river clay by rural Kenyan women. Dimensions: 6.5" tall, 11" long, 8.5" wide.
vase kenya, africa, fairtrade made

Ceramic Elephant Toothpick Holder
A Litoyi Pottery original! An inquisitive little elephant scales the side of this whimsical toothpick holder, which is crafted entirely by hand using traditional Abaluhya methods. The holder also serves well as a tiny bud vase

planters kenya, africa fairtrade
Mini Ceramic Elephant Planters
Fairtrade made gift from Kenya, Africa
pots kenya, africa, fairtrade made
Slanted Ceramic Elephant Pots in Two Sizes
A Litoyi Pottery original! Imagine small trailing vines descending out of these fanciful planters, or leave one on the hall table to catch your keys. The possibilities are endless! Available in two sizes
note cards made fairtrade in tibet
In this detail of a flaming halo or aureole, the elaborate stylized scrolling represents the churnign, fiery tail of the Makara, a mythical crocodile-like sea monster. Generate some excitement when you write in your gilded saffron journal. (5"w x 7"h, 50 pages)
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