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Velvet Elephant Art Center and Fair Trade Emporium in Mt. Shasta,CA

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top paddle a musical instrument fair trade made

Top Paddle - Vietnam Fair Trade

A wild combo of sounds steeped in tradition.

scrapers made in Vietnam, fair trade musical instrument

Gourd Scraper and Rasp - Peru

Hard gourd shell, fire-burned in the traditional way.

fish wood block vietnam fair trade made

Big Fish Wood Block - Vietnam

Make music while having fun looking at the wooden fish

fairtrade spinner drum with painted images of animals

Handheld activity drums with great tone!

fairtrade talking drums
Kente Cloth Talking Drum - Ghana
Squeeze the strings for a 'talking' tonal range, you can make this drum 'talk'. Includes curved stick 18". Hand made in Ghana.
fairtrade gift double sided skin drums made in Peru
Tinya Drums - Peru and Gourd Double Drum - Peru
a double sided goat skin.
wood block chime

Wood Block Chime - Bali
Hangs as a chime…converts to wood block/scraper.

rhythm sticks fairtrade made

Coconut Clave Rhythm Sticks - Indonesia
Renewable hardwood from coconut tree farms.

reco recso scraper

Reco Reco Scraper - Bolivia
Traditional bamboo scrapers with attached rasp

paint the pond pack, musical instrumet plus

Paint the Pond Pak
Play the calming sounds of a backyard pond, then paint them on a rainy day. Kid-safe paints, brushes and instructions

Baliphone - Ghana
A remarkable instrument for attention to detail and quality sound. Diatonic scale means no 'off' notes.
djembe drums
Djembe Drums - Ghana
The perfect starter, travel, lightweight drum.
rainstick shaker

Rainstick Shaker 'T' - Chile
Whip this real cactus shaker around like a gavel.

gourd shakers Peru
Gourd Shakers - Peru
From a village famous for carved fire-burned designs.
rain stick Chile
Rainstick 'Fatty's - Chile
Cactus plant parts and small stones make rain. Ours are wider with more rain by design.
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